Monday, July 27, 2009

Mysterious Musings: Why Twilight didn't "ruin" Comic Con

And why most missed the Twilight boat...

On Sunday, at the Con, people were walking around holding signs saying "scream if you think Twilight ruined the Con". How clueless and what a waste of an opportunity.

First of all, Comic Con may have started out as a fan convention - and it still is to a point - but it's become an all-important marketing opportunity. Science Fiction/Fantasy fans descend upon one center for 4 1/2 days to get their Geek on. They want to see what's coming out at the theater, coming to TV, what books and comics are trending high and what new ones are just around the corner. Smart marketers take advantage of this to create buzz for their product. Fans who do not realize this are just clueless.

The Twilight fans began their camping out on Tuesday for the Thursday panel. A smart marketer would have been there on Wednesday to offer book samples, snacks courtesy of their brand, etc. On Thursday, an even smarter marketer would have passed out water bottles with their brand, samples of their product to entertain, and chatted up the attendees. Did anyone take this opportunity? No. No one took advantage of this marketing opportunity to embrace this wave of fandom or even attempted to woo them to their booths post-panel.

Instead, fans of Bella and Edward (and I'm not one of them), were greeted with hoots and negativity. Many I spoke with felt unwelcomed and unwanted.

Not true.

Today's Bella & Edward fans could easily convert to other fantasy and science fiction experiences if only someone took the time to woo them. Publishers should have prepared "if you like Twilight, try this" materials. TV shows (hello "Eastwick"?) should have courted the mamas of the group with materials. Did they?


There's room at the Con for all fan groups and if we don't become more welcoming to these newcomers, then we're turning off tomorrow's fantasy leadership.