Friday, May 15, 2015

Yeah, About That Optimism

Optimism sucks.

Fear is so much easier to embrace! Thanks to fear I'm now Level 83 in Hay Day! And Level 24 in the Sims! Yay Fear!

Go Fear, Go!

Fear of success has enabled me to binge watch Parks and Recs! I love Lesley Knope! And I realize that I'm married to a real life Ron Swanson. Thanks Fear for that epiphany!

With Optimism as a friend, I would need to run three times a week and lose 2 pounds a week. With Optimism I'll feel compelled to finish editing the last four chapters of my book. And, HORRORS!, with Optimism by my side, I'll want - want! people! - WANT to clean house.


So, I'm going to bed with Fear: failure means I can stay in my jammies until noon. That rocks! Failure means I have an awesome excuse for not learning to make bread or how to do podcasts.

Optimism equates to actual production! Boo on productive lifestyle! Booooo

Yay for Fear! Go Fear!

I think I'll go crawl back into bed...

Thanks for listening.