Friday, January 30, 2009

CSI with Laurence Fishburne

Can Dr. Raymond Langston adequately fill the shoes of Dr. Gil Grissom? 

I sure hope so. In the weeks opening Season 9 of the popular criminal procedure show, Grissom's dry humor was MIA and in its place appeared a morose and depressed character. The show, which in Season 7 & 8 seemed standing on shaky legs, looked even shakier. 

Then CBS announced that the oh-so-serious actor, Laurance don't-call-me-Larry Fishburne was replacing the happy-to-go William Peterson. Fishburne, who sometimes comes off as taking himself far to seriously, seemed an odd choice. After all he'd been aiming for an Oscar for years and now he was taking a TV show? Oh, please. 

However, in his first appearance in the ninth episode, Fishburne seemed the same uptight performer as always. That continued into Episode 10. Then his first real starring role in Episode 11 occurred. Fishburne plays the role of a professor who appears to live his fantasy. Fishburne brings a real sense of humanity to his character and makes the role his own.

I've been a spotty watcher of CSI for some time now. Fishburne, with only one episode under his belt, may bring with him a breath of fresh air that brings new life to a almost-dead series.


  1. hmm, is this the original csi u talk about?

  2. Yes, it's the original one that is set in Las Vegas. William Peterson, after years of threatening/promising to move on in his career finally made good and left the show last Fall.

    After months of speculation as to whether his replacement would be John Malkovich (!) or Fishburne, they finally announced mid-summer last year that Fishburne was the final choice.

    After watching a few more episodes, I find him far more interesting than some of the other actors and would like to see more stories that center on him.

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