Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mysterious Reasons for Blogging

I guess 95% of all blogs go unread and yet new ones pop up every day. Why do so many start to blog? Why do something no one will read? Less than 1% actually achieve "blog stardom", so the answer doesn't involve fame. Less than 1% actually make money of any it can't be the dough, either. So, why?

The answers lies within the human need to call out into the abyss. Put a group on the edge of a canyon and some, if not all, will shout "hello" to see if answer will return. So thousands of people sit in front of their computers and type out their "hellos" and then sit back to see if anyone returns them. The odds appear stacked against them. 

"Mysterious Brew" represents my third attempt at blogging. My first attempt, "Confessions of a Bored Housewife", depicted my need to vent my unemployment frustrations. I really didn't want anyone to read it and I don't believe anyone did. My second attempt, the name escapes me, centered on a hope that publishers would discover my pithy book reviews and send me free books - a bad reason for a blog. This attempt? I don't need anyone to read it. Don't care if anyone does. The blog centers on the hope of focusing myself and my reading habits.

I started reading way back before kindergarten thanks to my brother's comic book collection. Through the years, I've always possessed a gigantic reading pile with tastes all over the place. In '77, I careened between Star Wars (a book I picked up in a grocery store never having heard of the movie), Louisa Mae Alcott, and books on old Hollywood: a blissful summer of non-stop reading and discovery. Since then, I pinball consistently all over the reading spectrum with Young Adult, Mysteries, Sci Fi, History, and everything in-between serving as bumpers. 

I want to focus entirely on Mystery for awhile. I need to discover what encompasses mystery and why some publishers push certain titles as mystery and why they pull certain titles out and into other sections. What makes a good mystery story? Where else in life do elements of mystery lie? 

Do I care if anyone reads this blog? Nope. I feel contentment in my place in the crowd. Within the herd, I can explore, journal, and stumble without anyone feeling the need to point out my humanity. 

If anyone does read it, please respond and let me know...especially if you possess knowledge of a path I must travel down. 


  1. I have little knowledge, but I am reading.

  2. I am compelled to answer you blog with a resounding "Blog", another avenue for exposure, get the word out, or whatever the reason. Me, I just like to acknowledge folks.
    Why you? I saw you on NathanB Blog

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