Monday, July 5, 2010

Writing Goals for Week of July 5

How I Did Last Week

Well, last week was a "meh" week. I did a lot of writing, but no so much on my WIP. I definitely hit 2500 words, but only half went into my WIP. I also read more of Amazonia - boy, Rollins' really does setting well. I've set aside Tessa Dare for when we go to Comic Con, but I did read in my genre (mostly re-reading older books). Plus, I did do my blog both Wednesday and Friday, but Friday was another in my Adoption Process series and not a writing exercise. My roughly sketeched Thursday has moved to Tuesday (tomorrow)

1. Word count: 2500 words by Friday morning (we think Lovely Boy's coming for the weekend)
2. Out of Genre Reading: continue James Rollins' Amazonia with attention on setting.
3. In Genre Reading: continue with re-reading, paying attention to exposition
4. Blog: Wednesday's topic: What I Learned From Reading Dave Kellett's "Sheldon"; Tuesday is scheduled already (Thoughts on @Craigyferg) and I've roughly sketched something out for Thursday.


  1. I've been blocked for almost a week now.
    Part of it is that I've got some chaps out for critique, but part of it is, I'm just... blocked. Dealin with too much BS to focus.

  2. I unblocked myself by writing out my emotions that affected my block. In my case, it's the pending adoption of a teenager. So, I wrote a whole series of entries about the adoption process. By writing them out, I gradually unblocked myself.

    Having read your blog, you've got a lot of emotions running gambit through your life. Write them out: use your blog to put them out there and examine them. Enable others to see your emotions and take the POV of others to assist you in dealing with them.

    Don't stand alone in a storm....yeah, it's a cliche. Sue me.