Saturday, October 22, 2011

Picking Up Writing

Re-starting my writing hobby - yes, hobby - proves scarier and more challenging than I imagined. When I take in to consideration the existence in my home of a teen who's struggling with his own writing, I'm more than just a little overwhelmed.

However, I crave a forum of some sort where I can express myself even if that forum lacks recognition beyond myself. Having said something into the black instead of nothing gives me a sense of satisfaction. That small sense of satisfaction, for now, must satisfy me for the moment. 

My life will not change if I do or don't write. The basis of my life does not come from writing as much as it does from reading. Again, that basis must satisfy. 

We live in a world today where failure is no longer tolerated. Writers can self-publish on to Amazon, so writers can no longer use the excuse of "no agent" or "no publisher" to not finish their writings. I do not plan to use those excuses.

My excuse? Life gets in the way sometimes and I cannot base all my priorities on my own sense of accomplishment. 


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