Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Does One Need to Blog Daily?


I returned to my "muse": John Saddington and his blog post "How I'd Start (Restart) A Blog If I Were to Begin Today".

My question centered on why I choose to blog. I found myself, once again, wanting to define why I'm here or why I choose to write here nearly every day.

He said something that caught my eye:

"There is room enough for you to have your voice heard. You simply may not have given it the time and attention that it needs and deserves. That’s on you (but you knew that already)."

That's why I blog: often time during a day I need to speak out. I do not design my blog posts for any ulterior motive. They come from whatever thought came into my head when I sat down to write. The blog pieces I've done so far this year stem from my own thoughts and needing to see them in writing so I can better understand where I'm coming from with this new direction in my life. I'm using these pieces to sort out my life as it stands now, though I've not written about some of the darker turns my life's taken in the past week.

So the question I'm asking myself starts with commitment to writing: do I need to sit down and write something every day? Do I need to make sure I'm writing daily?

The answer I came to today? No. No, I do not.

What I do need to keep moving forward though. So, on days when I don't blog, I find other ways to keep moving on a writer's journey.

This last weekend, I spent time on the patio with the pups and I read a book out of my wiring genre (not mystery or romance) and I did do one writing exercise just because the prompt caught my imagination.

So, I know this will break the heart of those who read my blog, but I won't write here daily. And that's ok.

Thank you for listening.

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