Monday, February 9, 2015

Starting Another Chapter in my Life

So, I quit my job with hubby's encouragement and support.

Now, I actually need to follow through with my dream of writing. I've spent the last week or so trying to define what that actually looks like. Am I sitting at a desk, am I researching then writing, what does "unemployed writer" actually look to me?

I realize that the picture of an unemployed writer looks like someone who gets up in the morning, does at least one or two chores, and then must sit down and write. Something. Anything. During that writing time, the writer scratches a dog or two, pets a kitty, drinks several cups of tea, texts a tad with Lovely Boy, follows Twitter, and writes in between all of this.

So, this morning, I got my booty out of bed as soon as my bladder commanded it. Played an useless game for a good thirty minutes while I planned out my writing day, got myself a cup of spicy tea, let the dogs in and out, let the cat out, fed the other cat, drank my tea, and then sat down and tweeted for a few minutes.

Hubby recommended a blog piece entitled How I'd Start (Restart a Blog If I Were to Begin Today by John Saddington and found the inspiration I needed. If anyone reads this piece, you can read his entry here:

I'm following his directions. I'm writing for the sake of writing which is what I've wanted to do now for over a year.

So, now I've blogged for the day, let the cat in, texted my lunch date, and read my son's text explaining why he came home late last night.

Time to work on my WIP - a murder mystery. Today's goal: editing two chapters (up to chapter 7 of 15).

Thanks for listening.

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