Friday, April 24, 2015

Writing Priorities - where writing isn't the priority

I love sitting down with a cup of awesome tea, my puppah laying down next to me, and some good music tinkling in my ears. I love the process of writing. However, I love my family more.

I preach that this philosophy - family comes before writing - needs to belong in every writer's psyche.   Long before your writing ever sees income, your family will support you (or not) and long after your writing fades away, your family remains.

After returning to writing after a long break, my family moved forward with a foster-to-adopt situation. I felt very little dismay as, once again, I set aside my writing to take care of my family. As I write this today, I can see where the items from the spare bedroom sit in the front room. Tomorrow, I'll keep working in the spare bedroom and write, alternately.

When our new family members arrive, summer will arrive, as well. This means even less time or perhaps actually packing up and leaving the house. I mean, as it stands, my teenage son cannot leave me alone for more than 15 minutes (no exaggeration) when I write, how do I expect two little girls to leave me alone?

However, as my children age, I don't want to miss important events, cues of problems brewing, shopping trips, special times of treats, etc.

Yes, I dream of publishing, of representation, of seeing my  work in a bookstore or on the page of bloggers. However, long after I'm dead, my writing will fade away whereas my descendants remain. So where should my priorities lay, really?

As long as publisher or editor aren't waiting on me, I put my family first.

Thank you for listening.

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