Monday, June 14, 2010

Writing Exercise: The Haunted House

This 5-minute writing exercise comes from: CM Mayo's website: Five Minute Daily Writing Exercises

The glass slid to the right.
"Not today, dear. I need to finish grading."
The glass slid back.
"Thank you. Go play somewhere else, please."
Up above, the sounds of stomping came loud and clear through the floor. I sighed and made the mental note about specific instructions.
Soon, the stomping interrupted my concentration. With another vexed sigh, I set aside the grading and made my way up the stairs.
"Alright, we can play. Just for a few minutes, though." Remembering specific instructions. "After I finish grading, we can play longer."
The stomping stopped and I waited on the stair landing for the next move. The silence didn't last long: the doors down the long narrow hallway soon began banging rhythms.
"Blue Danube."
The doors halted. Yep, I'd guessed right. Silence followed and then a rhythmic stomping began.
"Ooh...that's a new one. Hold on, I'll need a hint."
The mirror next to me began to swing.
"Not the mirror, please. Bad luck, ya know."
The mirror stopped it's swaying and the stomping took on a new rhythm. Truly stumped, I listened for a few more minutes.
"I'm clueless. What's the song?"
Giggling filled the hallway.
"Yes, you should feel pleased. You usually can't trick me."
My daughter's Barbie came from her room, riding her pink bicycle. I knew the song. I let out a groan. Seriously, I knew this song.
"You played 'Daisy' or is it called 'A Bicycle Build For Two'?" The song my daughter played at her last piano recital.

And the five minutes are up.

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