Monday, June 21, 2010

Writing Goals for the Week of June 22

Ah...I love summer vacation: 12 weeks of nothing but self-absorption. It's good to be an underpaid and under-appreciated teacher. 

My writing goals are simple:

1. Word count: 1500 words by Friday afternoon. ( I don't write on the weekends: that's family time)
2. Out of Genre Reading: continue James Rollins' Amazonia with attention on story pacing.
3. In Genre Reading: re-read Tasha Alexander's And Only to Deceive
4. Blog: Wednesday's topic: What I learned from Mary Balogh's A Secret Affair and Friday's writing exercise...I'm not sure yet what I want to do. Tuesday and Thursday - if I write for those days are always random topics. Tuesday is scheduled already and I've roughly sketched something out for Thursday.

I'm keeping it simple this week as we have adoption stuff with Matthew. He and his social worker will visit one evening to see the house and talk about family expectations. I need to do a good scrubbing of the place and I don't want too high of writing goals to put stress on both situations. Plus. I really need to start my prep work for next Fall's school year. 

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